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7pm - 9pm
5-course Tasting Experience with 
Homebrew / Brewery
Collaboration Beers 
Hosted at SubUrban Bar & Kitchen
500 Rt 10. West   Randolph, NJ


The event was founded in 2015 while Chef Chris Masey and Nell Conway were working together at Nicole’s Ten Restaurant in Randolph, New Jersey. Nicole’s Ten had been the home of MASH (Morris Area Society of Homebrewers) meetings for about a year, during which Nell and Chris became truly inspired by the passion and creativity shared amongst the home-brewing community. The club approached Nell & Chris about hosting their annual Motown Mash Homebrew Competition and they wanted to take the average competition experience to the next level with hosting a celebratory dinner to follow the competition awards ceremony.


The dinner would bring a creative twist to the average beer dinner by adding an element of surprise to the food, beer and experience while showcasing the incredible talents of the brewing community of New Jersey.


Of course, our annual five brewery event will continue aiding the promotion of home/pro brewer collaboration and unique food pairings and flavors as a celebration of community & craft.

In addition, we will be hosting 'satellite' events and tastings throughout New Jersey & New York. These events will include private pairing events in breweries, supper clubs, craft bar takeovers, private residences, and even festivals. While our focus will always remain largely on local breweries, we are broadening our scope to include many of our passions such cocktails, music, chef collaborations and any artisan projects where people are 'pouring' their passion into their craft.